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UPDATE 20-01-2020

We are pleased to announce that Tom C. is willing to give an presentation at SA-MAD 2020!


Erik Paul, one of our speakers at SAMAD 2020 is introducing himself!

I was born in 1968 in Marseille, France. At the age of 14 I moved to an apartment where a 400 liters fish tank was left. What a good idea to keep …Hamster in it! Yes, at first I thought keeping fishes was too difficult. But one of my friend was the local fish shop ‘s son and I made a trade with his father: English lessons for his son for a tank repair. 2 months later I was a member of the local Cichlid association in Marseille and then a member of the French Cichlid Association. After wandering a while (25 years?) I decided to settle and to start a real fishroom with four 100 liters tanks. Now I have a 30 square meters dedicated fishroom with over than 40 aquariums mainly filled with South Americans dwarf Cichlids, mostly Apistogramma genus. Once, I had the opportunity to go and see where my favorite fishes lived and I didn’t miss it! In 2015 I made a big jump from France to Paraguay, a country I didn’t know very much about it before.
That trip, I will talk about during my SAMAD presentation.

Crenichila sp.


Ook volgend jaar komt Uwe Römer ons weer een prachtige lezing verzorgen! We are very please to annouce Uwe Römer also is giving a presentation at SA-MAD 2020!

We zijn blij te kunnen melden dat Erik Paul een presentatie komt geven op SA-MAD 2020! We are very please to annouce Erik Paul is giving a presentation at SA-MAD 2020!

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