We have come to the conclusion that SA-MAD in its current form is impossible. That is why we have decided not to organize SA-MAD meetings as we have done several times in the past. Our goal was to bring together dwarf cichlid enthusiasts and share the passion for the fish. It certainly succeeded to some extent! However, the time and costs involved in organizing the meetings no longer outweigh the attendance in recent years, which has become less and less. This means that the website and the facbook page will eventually disappear and SA-MAD will be discontinued.

We had great meetings, laughed a lot, shared beautiful fish and made new contacts. We would like to thank everyone who has been directly or indirectly involved and who attended our meetings in recent years. All the best!
Warm regards,

Te day after.....
We still have to recover from the fantastic SA-MAD weekend! People from 4 different countries, very interesting lectures and had a lot(!) of fun until the last hours of the pub. Roland with an 'shower' in the pub, Ernst with pictures and nice stories from his latest trip a few weeks ago and Mike Wise live from Denver. Bubu with a nice collection and stories of trips he made to Frans-Guyana and René that managed to bring great fish from Zürich!! Uwe with always new stuff about Apistogramma and TomC with his special love for black water Apistogramma's. To you and all the rest many thanks! We enjoyed it a lot!
We had an great atmosphere, good food and we even managed to trade some very beautiful and rare fish such as:
Apistogramma rositae
Apistogramma megaptera
Apistogramma cinilabra
Apistogramma pantalone
Apistogramma kullanderi
Apistogramma sp. Alto Tapiche
Apistogramma sp. Jamanxim
Apistogramma sp. Teles des Pieres
Apistogramma Acrensis
Apistogramma sp. D50
Apistogramma sp. Jura
And there were even more on the trading list this weekend!!!
For those who couldn't make it but wanted to, or just didn't want to come but might (should :-)) change their mind now, and of course for all the fantastic people who were there grab your calendar! Next SA-MAD meeting is on February 17 - 19, 2023 write that down!! Looking forward to another fantastic weekend!😁😄😄.
Of course we like to thanks Utaka ( and Ruto fishfood ( that we able to sponsor this meeting.
See you all next year!

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UPDATE 21-03-2022

From now on the options we had on rooms at Hotel de Zon have expired. Therefore, we can no longer guarantee new registrations for package 1, and 2. Contact us if you still wish this, and we will check with the hotel whether there is still room. Registration for Saturday and/or Sunday is still possible until Thursday 24 March.

UPDATE 07-03-2022

While the most of us are working at this moment Ernst is exploring the underwater life of Rio Pedrera Colombia. Do you want to hear his stories of his latest trip? Register for the next meeting at the end of March! register here

  • Pterophyllum scalare
  • Aequidens sp
  • Apistogramma sp. D14
  • biotoop Pedrera system